Sherry, Jennifer, Chandler, Nicole, and Allison

Mike and John

Picture perfect!

Giving the bride away...

From this day forward...

Two lives become one.

The Wedding Party.

Our two families.

Nicole, John, Jennifer and Natalie.

James, Pat, Josh, John and Jennifer.

It was a day for sharing with family.

It's official!


Mr. and Mrs. John Curbello!

The Reception...

Steve and Sherry

Sherry's parents...Randy and Sandra

Our engagement pictures!!!





Here is a picture of the outreach where John and I met. I am on the bottom left, John is the top middle, Sherry (my matron of honor) is second from the top right and her husband Steve (a groomsman) is the first from the top right.

Pictures from Six Flags Over Texas...

Here is the four of us. From left to right it's Sherry, my matron of honor, Mike, John's best man, John and me.

Some pics of me and John I love!

Here are some pictures from mine and John's New Year's Eve party!

Our best man Mike and his daughter Allison,
my junior bridesmaid.

John and I with Allison.

My Matron of Honor Sherry and her hubby Steve,
one of John's groomsmen.